If you don’t start with a great sound, it can be hard to end up with one. By working with me from the recording stage of your project you will benefit from my knowledge on how to capture all audio sources and also your performance and sound. I pride myself on not intruding on an artist’s vision, but being able to use my careful input to guide them. My mission when recording someone is to capture the passion and meaning behind their song. I endeavour to not have a set sound and love letting each project guide me on a new adventure! Recording should always be fun, relaxed – and challenging when it needs to be. I offer recording from a variety of purpose built spaces in Derby and also offer recording out of the brilliant Electric Bear Studios in Nottinghamshire. I also have the ability to record you wherever you want with my high end portable system which is particularly useful for live video sessions (previous examples include warehouses, theatres, pubs and music halls). Get in touch to find out more!


I LOVE MIXING! Whilst much of my mixing work is done at the recording stage, I love nothing more than to lock myself away and bring a track together in one amazing sounding product. I try and avoid aspects such as auto tune (unless desired!) and let the natural performance guide my emotions to create a mix. I can also be inspired by your reference tracks if there’s a particular sound you’re aiming for. Alongside this, I enjoy doing a huge amount of mixing work for people who have recorded themselves or have been recorded at other studios. Whether its rap, folk, podcasts or any other audio recording - I can get you a sound you will love, or your money back!


Whilst I am not a specialised mastering engineer I achieved a 1st at degree level in this area of audio engineering. I revel in the mastering process and provide an audio analysis sheet and processing document for every project I undertake. This tells you how I have analysed your mix and what I have done to provide that final polish and make it ready for the world. Please note: I usually do not master tracks I have recorded myself as I personally believe this removes the necessary objectivity required for mastering. For my own projects I have a great relationship with Rob Leedell (Mastering Engineer/Rock City Engineer) who can be secured for reduced rates for people working with me.

Live Sessions

When starting out my journey as an audio engineer, I loved the thought of filming beautiful unadulterated live sessions. This led to me creating the acclaimed ‘Pin-up Sessions’ which showcases upcoming talent. These videos have clocked up thousands of views, achieved TV airplay and are perhaps what I am best known for. Live sessions are a fantastic way of promoting yourself and securing performance slots with promoters and festivals (what can be better than a recording and music video in one?!). Whilst I can’t guarantee slots on The Pin-up Sessions (due to the series reliance on charitable funding), I am delighted to offer bespoke live session videos for any artist wanting the same results.

I work with some of the finest cameramen in the business and can shoot videos in my own purpose built spaces or in any location you wish. My close relationship with my camera men result in seamless shoots and results at rates which are incredibly hard to beat. With 24 channels of pristine audio available and 8 headphone mixes, we are able to record any number of musicians; from acoustic singers to full bands. All tracks captured in a live session are sent as mixed songs which means artists can release them as stand-alone recordings (these recordings have previously achieved BBC Airplay). Get in touch to make sure you’re seen and heard!