Recording/Mastering and Live Session Video Credits Include:

  • Pretty Babs
  • Myles Knight
  • Ben Mark Smith
  • Kelsey and The Embers
  • Olly Hensby
  • Rhythmical Mike
  • Fading Blonde
  • The Fine Art Society
  • Lauren Anderton
  • Spud
  • The Picasso Project
  • Josh Wheatley
  • Ben Haynes
  • Jack Brett
  • Ajay Henry
  • Tom Grant
  • The Small Town Boys
  • TOR
  • Subculture
  • Edd Thorpe
  • Stuart Richardson
  • Dorothy Ella
  • Michael Upton
  • Marvins Revenge
  • Super Furniture
  • Clonk
  • MYOK
  • Boats On the Ocean
  • Reqs
  • Scribble Victory
  • and more…

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The Pin-up Sessions

When starting out my journey as an audio engineer, I loved the thought of filming beautiful unadulterated live sessions. This led to me creating the acclaimed ‘Pin-up Sessions’ which showcases upcoming talent. These videos have clocked up thousands of views, achieved TV airplay and are perhaps what I am best known for. Whilst I can’t guarantee slots on The Pin-up Sessions (due to the series reliance on charitable funding), I am delighted to offer bespoke live session videos for any artist wanting the same results - many of which you can see below! Get in touch today to have a chat about your live video session…